Bereavement Counselling

Grief is associated with feelings of sadness, yearning, guilt, regret, blame and anger, among others. Some people may experience a sense of numbness and meaninglessness, and others can feel a sense of relief. This counselling helps the person work through their grief in their own way as well as learn coping mechanisms to help them when they are on their own. Bereavement Counselling is recommended for anyone, of any age, whose loss seems overwhelming or whose life and health is being affected by their grief.


In a Bereavement Counselling session, I aim to help an individual explore his or her emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.  At the first meeting, the bereaved will likely be asked about his or her loss, about his or her relationship to the deceased, and about his or her own life now that (s)he has lost a loved one. Answering these questions often means tapping into sadness or anger, so emotional outbursts are always encouraged.  I can help them build up their strength, confidence and peace of mind, enabling them to face their future in a more positive way.  



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